If you are anything like me, Brexit will be the last thing you want to talk about.

More than three years have passed since the referendum, and there’s been barely a day when our departure from the EU hasn’t dominated the headlines.

And yet, in all that time, we seem to have made little definite progress.

Business has, almost universally, called for some form of clarity. Yet little has come.

So what can you do - even at this late hour - to prepare your company for the growing chance that we will leave the EU without a deal?

The first - and most obvious - point, is to start taking the possibility very seriously. A No Deal Brexit will change our trading arrangements with the EU overnight and have widespread repercussions for the way we go about work.

So start now by stress testing your business. Even a one-man or woman band is likely to be affected, so go through all your procedures and see what impact a no deal will have.

Will you need to adjust contracts with suppliers? Does any part of your supply chain involve Europe? Do your intellectual property rights need updating? Do you need to pay attention to the labelling of your products?

These are just a starting point.

Have you been working with any EU staff on your books to ensure they are applying for settled status? If not, now is a good time to get cracking, so that they at least have some certainty over their future.

If the EU is a rich source of recruitment for you, what steps are you putting in place to find your next batch of recruits from other markets? And have you considered whether you would still be able to recruit from the EU even after a No Deal Brexit?

If you export, some of the things you need to put in place are relatively obvious. But building in resilience to cope with new border controls, checks and possible delays is a bit like asking what the weather will be like in two months’ time. You can make a guess, but it could be hopelessly inaccurate.

The Government has been producing Brexit advice for businesses for some time. One great place to help you get up to speed is the Marches Growth Hub’s Brexit toolkit site here:

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