Why an apprenticeship could be for you

We have a strange relationship with technical and vocational qualifications in this country.

Too often we look down our noses at the sort of schemes which produce the skills, training and knowledge we desperately need to make our economy work.

Take apprenticeships for example. How many parents are happy to see their child take up an apprenticeship if they also have the chance to go to university?

Yet there are considerable advantages to an apprenticeship which should make it an attractive option for any youngster.

For a start, you literally earn while you learn. True, the minimum apprenticeship wage is not going to make anyone rich, but the average wage is around £170/week with some apprentices receiving as much as £210.  Compared to racking up £50,000 or more of student debt at university it is a pretty attractive proposition.

And because you are an employee, you also get all the other benefits of working life thrown in, such as holidays and pension contributions.

On top of that, there is the training. You’ll be experiencing first hand how the world of work functions, learning from your colleagues on the job and getting structured and relevant training to achieve your nationally-recognised qualification. 

This often takes the form of a day-release programme at an FE college, where you’ll study all the things you need to know in your current job – and lots more which will be invaluable as your career develops.

These qualifications are becoming increasingly respected as employers see just how much value they add to a prospective employee.

Not only are you earning now, but you are building your potential to earn far more in the future.

At each of the three apprenticeship levels – Intermediate, advanced and degree-level – there are real opportunities to develop your skills, confidence and working knowledge so that you can look forward to a successful career for years to come.

And whilst your mates might be stuck in a classroom or Zoom Room listening to yet another lecture, you’ll be building the working relationships and developing the contacts which will stand you in good stead on that career ladder.

Of course, as an apprentice you’ll already have a foot in the door at the company which has hired you. Impress here and you could be on the fast-track to success and a full-time position. And the odds are in your favour.  Companies will naturally want you to succeed, having invested their time and resources in your training.

And all this comes at almost no cost. The Government and your employer will pay for all your training. You just need to have the bus fare to get to work and enough spare cash for your lunch.

If this sounds like the start to working life for you, get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you how modern apprenticeships can help anyone build a successful future.

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