Good news for now for employees after Brexit

Here’s some good news to start the new year (and heaven knows, we need it).

Brexit – and the end of the transition period on December 31 – is unlikely to have a huge effect on your rights as an employee.

At least for now.

Most of the employment laws which were in place prior to our final transition out of the EU will simply be adopted as UK law for the time being and will remain in place until the UK Government decides to change or amend it.

Of course, nobody can predict the future with any certainty (a lesson we’ve all learnt over these past 12 months) but there is unlikely to be an immediate rush on the Government’s part to start tearing up all the employment legislation we have inherited whilst being a part of the EU.

That being said, there are some changes which came into effect on January 1 which employees should be aware of.

The most significant is to our immigration policy.

As of the start of the year, all nationals from the European Economic Area lost their automatic right to live and work in the UK.

If you were already living here before this change, you should already have applied for Settled Status or Pre-Settled Status if you wish to remain. If your application is not yet under way, it’s time to get cracking, with the deadline of June 30 this year now looming.

Either status – which one you apply for is dependent on how long you have already lived here – will allow you the right to continue to live and work in the UK. 

Once granted, you will generally receive a “share code” to give to your employer to demonstrate that you are entitled to work in this country.

If you are first coming to this country to work from the start of this year you will generally need to be sponsored by your prospective employer to meet the terms of the new points-based immigration system.

You’ll need to ensure that your employer is licensed to sponsor you and get your application in well ahead of you wanting to start work. It can take three to six weeks to process any request.

Of course, things can change at any moment and the next few months will feel like a ‘settling in’ period for the arrangements. So, if you need any help or advice, just click on the button for a free consultation and let us take care of things.

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