Employee Appreciation Day

There’s been a long list of American cultural traditions imported into the UK over the last few years.

Think of Halloween, McDonald’s, Black Friday and even Thanksgiving and you get the idea.

But there’s another tradition which has begun to slip almost unnoticed into our workplaces which is a direct import from the other side of the pond.

Employee Appreciation Day is staged on the first Friday of March over in the US and has now started to make an appearance in this country.

It sounds a typically American thing to do doesn’t it? After all, if employees are only to be celebrated on one day of the year, what of the other 364?

But for both management and staff, there are some real benefits to the day – and the sort of culture it reflects.

It is an annual reminder to all businesses that they are nothing without their staff; a powerful call to arms to develop a team culture which benefits everyone within a business.

So, here’s some tips for both staff and management which might help make Employee Appreciation Day more than just an American fad.

  • Say thanks

Manners maketh the man and woman. Saying thank you for a job well done shows respect for your colleagues and appreciation of the efforts they make.

  • Treat staff as people

One surefire way to build strong, powerful relationships in an office is to acknowledge personal milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries. Simple gestures are always appreciated.

  • Be flexible

Make sure everyone – bosses and employees – has the chance to work flexibly if possible to boost their work-life balance.

  • Give positive feedback

Don’t wait for something to go wrong to tell your colleagues what you think of them. Give positive, specific feedback regularly to build strong office relationships.

  • Do something different

Don’t be afraid to break the work culture occasionally to show your employees how important they are. Take them out for a picnic if the weather allows or set aside time for a special lunch.

If you’re an employee who feels under-valued, why not suggest some of these ideas to your boss? Tell them how it could help build a better work culture, boost productivity and benefit the bottom line.

Who knows, they might even say thank you.

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