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IR35  What it means if you are self-employed
IR35 What it means if you are self-employed

If youre self-employed and particularly if you work through a limited company or Personal Services Company you wont need us to tell you that IR35 came into force at the start of this month.

The new arrangements are meant to crack down on contractors and employers exploiting a loophole in the tax rules which make it more efficient to hire a contractor through a limited company.

HMRC thought this was being abused, and contractors who were essentially employees were dodging significant tax liabilities.

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Jab for Jobs  is it legal?
Jab for Jobs is it legal?

Its been the big debate of the last few month: Should jabs for jobs be compulsory.

On the one hand are the group who says nobody should be allowed back into the workplace until they have had their Covid vaccination.

That way, they argue, everyone will be safe and have peace of mind.

On the other side are those who claim making jabs compulsory for all workers is discriminatory, would be impossible to police and could pit staff member against staff member.

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Why an apprenticeship could be for you
Why an apprenticeship could be for you

We have a strange relationship with technical and vocational qualifications in this country.

Too often we look down our noses at the sort of schemes which produce the skills, training and knowledge we desperately need to make our economy work.

Take apprenticeships for example. How many parents are happy to see their child take up an apprenticeship if they also have the chance to go to university?

Yet there are considerable advantages to an apprenticeship which should make it an attractive option for any youngster.

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Help at hand for victims of domestic abuse
Help at hand for victims of domestic abuse

Lockdown has been a pretty gruelling affair for almost all of us.

The ever-present fear of the virus, long periods of isolation for many, disruption to schools and colleges and the need to adjust to new working practices or being on furlough has taken a toll across the nation.

But for the millions of people who have been and are the victims of domestic abuse, being locked down with their abuser is almost unimaginably awful.

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Good news  for now  for employees after Brexit
Good news for now for employees after Brexit

Heres some good news to start the new year (and heaven knows, we need it).

Brexit and the end of the transition period on December 31 is unlikely to have a huge effect on your rights as an employee.

At least for now.

Most of the employment laws which were in place prior to our final transition out of the EU will simply be adopted as UK law for the time being and will remain in place until the UK Government decides to change or amend it.

Of course, nobody can predict the future with any certainty (a lesson weve all learnt over these past 12 months) but there is unlikely to be an immediate rush on the Governments part to start tearing up all the employment legislation we have inherited whilst being a part of the EU.

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Video conferencing no excuse for sexism
Video conferencing no excuse for sexism

It might be new technology, but the emergence of Zoom, Microsoft Teams ad all the other video conferencing platforms weve had to get used to over the past eight or nine months has brought the return of an old foe.

Sexism, it seems, is back in the workplace (not that it ever truly went away).

Women across the country have been reporting a series of uncomfortable experiences whilst using video conferencing for work during the pandemic.

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