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Can I insist my staff are vaccinated against Covid?
Can I insist my staff are vaccinated against Covid?

As the rollout of the vaccination continues and starts to include more of the general working population a key question is being asked by employers around the country.

Can I force my staff to get the jab?

The short answer is no. Any medical intervention generally requires the consent of the individual and if your employee doesnt want to have the jab that is their choice.

But the real-world situation is a lot more nuanced than that. Your staff may feel strongly that they do not want to work with anyone who has not been vaccinated and feel that you are putting them at risk if you dont insist that everyone has the jab.

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Jab for Jobs  is it legal?
Jab for Jobs is it legal?

Its been the big debate of the last few month: Should jabs for jobs be compulsory.

On the one hand are the group who says nobody should be allowed back into the workplace until they have had their Covid vaccination.

That way, they argue, everyone will be safe and have peace of mind.

On the other side are those who claim making jabs compulsory for all workers is discriminatory, would be impossible to police and could pit staff member against staff member.

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