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Hot Desking
Hot Desking

Hot desking how to make it work
The world of work is changing and that means our working habits are changing with it.
Gone are the days when employees religiously clocked on at 9am, sat at the same desk they had always sat at, and then religiously clocked off at 5pm to return home.
The explosion in digital technology, changing lifestyles and the growth of the freelance culture mean that flexible working is now very much an everyday part of our working lives.
And with that has come the rise of hot desking.

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Personal Space
Personal Space

Personal space the final frontier

You know the feeling.
Youre running late for work and your company has a hot desking policy.
Minute by minute, the mounting dread that youll have nowhere to sit when you get in starts to rise.
It might sound trivial to those of us not employed at a company which uses hot desks, but for those who are its a very real and stressful situation.
In fact, according to research by management consultancy Brickendon earlier this year, a staggering 92 per cent of us have experienced issues with hot desking.

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