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Are you ready for IR 35?
Are you ready for IR 35?

Have you heard of IR35 yet?
Chances are that if you havent, you soon will.
Thats because it comes into effect from April 6 and could have a major impact on all medium or large-sized private sector businesses which employ contractors.
From that date, responsibility for deciding the employment status of those contractors for tax purposes will switch to the employer doing the hiring and away from the contractor themselves.

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Brexit  the employment laws which will affect you
Brexit the employment laws which will affect you

After three years of wrangling it now looks certain that the UK will leave the EU at the end of this month.
And for businesses of all shapes and sizes, thats going to bring some sizeable changes to the way they employ people, the rights those workers enjoy and the way in which they are enforced.
It wont all happen overnight of course in fact, far from it.

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Hot Desking
Hot Desking

Hot desking how to make it work
The world of work is changing and that means our working habits are changing with it.
Gone are the days when employees religiously clocked on at 9am, sat at the same desk they had always sat at, and then religiously clocked off at 5pm to return home.
The explosion in digital technology, changing lifestyles and the growth of the freelance culture mean that flexible working is now very much an everyday part of our working lives.
And with that has come the rise of hot desking.

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What IR35 will mean to you
What IR35 will mean to you

If you are a freelancer or contractor working almost exclusively for one company, theres a significant change on its way which could affect you.
New tax regulations called IR35 come into force on April 6 and could change the way you are regarded by the Inland Revenue.
Up until now, self-employed contractors have been responsible for sorting out their own tax and National Insurance payments.
That has brought some benefits as well as the annual headache of completing a tax return and making sure it gets to HMRC in time to avoid any penalties which is why the taxman now wants to ensure everybody is employed on the same basis.

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You and your rights  whats in store in 2020
You and your rights whats in store in 2020

There's been plenty of talk about how Brexit will affect workers rights since Boris Johnsons Conservatives won the December general election.
Some of the debate was intensified after a section on protecting those rights was removed from the governments EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill when it went before the Commons in the week before Christmas.
But at the same time, there was a raft of measures outlined in the Queens Speech which should give us a reasonable picture of where employment rights for workers are headed over the next few years.

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Personal Space
Personal Space

Personal space the final frontier

You know the feeling.
Youre running late for work and your company has a hot desking policy.
Minute by minute, the mounting dread that youll have nowhere to sit when you get in starts to rise.
It might sound trivial to those of us not employed at a company which uses hot desks, but for those who are its a very real and stressful situation.
In fact, according to research by management consultancy Brickendon earlier this year, a staggering 92 per cent of us have experienced issues with hot desking.

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